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Voter Outreach and Engagement

Digital, social, phone, and direct mail are mainstays of a modern multi-channel voter engagement strategy.  We can work with your campaign, advocacy group, or organization to design and execute an optimal voter engagement campaign both online and offline.  Our data driven approach means we can identify and target your highest propensity supporter base for persuasion or GOTV efforts.  Voter Science offers the following services for your outreach efforts:

  • Direct Mail

  • Social Media Engagement

  • Digital Banner and Video Ads

  • Mobile SMS, MMS, and Video

Data Science Services

Data Science is the use of advanced machine learning algorithms to build look-a-like audiences, voter propensity models, and segmentation schemes to create voter universes that can be engaged and mobilized.  A large percentage of voters tend to vote for a variety of candidates, across party lines making the traditional Republican vs. Democrat GOTV strategy a poor choice in an increasingly fractured political environment.  Voter outreach efforts increasingly rely on identifying and engaging  persuadable, issue-driven voters who can tip the balance particularly in highly competitive contests.  Voter Science has built dozens of advanced, custom algorithms for candidates and advocacy groups over the years that have proven critical in developing measurably effective voter engagement efforts.  Some of our success stories include:

  • Increasing opposition to a ballot measure by 25% via digital mobile phone ads targeted at voters modeled as being most likely to oppose the measure.

  • Improving mobile ad and email click through rates by 2X - 3X through targeted audience modeling for an industry advocacy organization.

  • Measurably impacting voting behavior for a city council race by identifying and targeting homeowners opposed to suburban homeless encampments.

Campaign & Field Management Consulting

Voter Science offers end-to-end campaign consulting and management services.  We've worked with many candidates and ballot initiatives over the years and bring a multi-disciplinary approach to modern campaign management practices.  Our staff consists of not only technologists and advocacy specialists but also those who have run for office in competitive races and won.  Our team can craft a strong voter engagement strategy for your campaign or scale your outreach efforts by offloading the entire day-to-day management of your data, targeting, and GOTV efforts to the staff at Voter Science

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