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Data Hosting & Management

Have a lot of data?  Need a hosting solution along with administration to keep your data in tip-top condition?  Let the folks at Voter Science manage your data for you so you don't have to.  We have decades of experience in database design and management.  Your data is securely stored and hosted in the cloud and can be made available to the end user through our data access portal.

Data Science Services

Data Science is the use of advanced machine learning algorithms to build look-a-like audiences, voter propensity models, and segmentation schemes to create voter universes that can be mobilized and engaged.  Models are an important addition to any modern campaign looking to identify critical, issue-driven voter segments.

Phone & Texting

Need to reach key audiences?  Use Voter Science's phone banking, robo-dial, and texting capabilities to cost-effectively reach highly targeted audiences remotely.  These are great ways to scale your voter engagement and GOTV efforts.

Field Management Services

Need someone to help you run a scalable ground-game operation?  Voter Science can help.  Our staff has helped numerous campaigns run effective and targeted door-step voter contact efforts.  Whether it's simple run for city hall or a statewide campaign effort, Voter Science can help.

Digital Advertising and Direct Mail

Digital advertising and direct mail are mainstays of the modern campaign.  We can work with your campaign or advocacy group to design and execute an optimal voter contact campaign both online and offline.

Campaign Management & Consulting

Voter Science offers end-to-end campaign consulting and management services.  We've worked with many candidates and ballot initiatives over the years and bring a multi-disciplinary approach to modern campaign management practices. 

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