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Voter CRM Solution

All of your voter data in one place.  Slice, dice, and segment your voter audiences to create hyper-targeted voter universes.  Flexible data schema allows you import data with any combination of identifiers needed for your campaign.  Cut lists and create canvassing sheets right from the convenience of your desktop computer.  Our voter CRM solution seamlessly integrates with our mobile canvassing applications to make data management and user provisioning a breeze.  The Voter Science CRM system integrates with other commercially available CRM systems like Salesforce as well as Dropbox, Google Sheets, and Excel.

Fully functional CRM capabilities including data and user management, filter and targeting, along with advanced reporting features.

Aerial view of household targets via map and satellite views.

List and map views with integrated mobile canvassing apps.

Advanced geo-fencing and data partitioning capabilities.  Easily share subsets of voters with other users via child sheets.

Advanced query expression capabilities as well as quick individual voter lookup.  Easily upload and merge additional data columns to further enrich your voter file.

Streetview your planned walk routes before sending your teams into the field.

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